TromaFest 2015 or Why I Love Troma Movies

Troma movies are a little like an orgasm: you can describe them and detail the intricacies of the mechanisms involved, but they’re something you really need to experience firsthand.  They’ve produced and distributed over 1,000 movies since it was founded in 1974, but Troma’s claim to fame remains an impressive body of work they have […] Read more


Resolution (2012)

A man receives a strange video tape in the mail. It shows a childhood friend of his going berserk. He investigates and finds his friend is a junkie living in a small shack in the woods. I saw this blind – knowing nothing at all about it – and at first wasn’t sure I got […] Read more


Edward D. Wood, Jr. Book Covers

Ed Wood made cult classics like Plan 9 From Outer Space and Glen or Glenda. Less well known, is that Wood wrote no less than eighty novels (often using a variety of pseudonyms), including Black Lace Drag (1963), Orgy of the Dead (1965), Devil Girls (1967), Death of a Transvestite(1967), The Sexecutives (1968), The Photographer (1969), Take It Out In […] Read more